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Essential for Pain-Free Recovery and Optimal Healing

I had Lumbar2-3 decompressive laminectomy (spine surgery) in Nov 2021 and bilateral knee replacements in January and April of 2022. My recovery has been outstanding and mainly without the use of narcotics in the recovery period or other analgesia. But when I missed a single day of ZEUS I was hit with severe pain that disappeared when ZEUS was restarted. – Kay A.

A Game-Changer for Pain Relief and Unexpected Eczema Relief

I have been using the Zeus for a few years now. In 2015 I was diagnosed with severe degenerative disc disease in my lower back.  Instead of going with pain medication and surgery I opted to try Chiropractic care. While seeing the Chiropractor has helped quite a bit adding Zeus was the extra I needed. Zeus works so beautifully to keep me out of pain and is a great complement to my Chiropractic care. There is another side benefit that I got totally unexpected. I have eczema on different areas of my body.  As long as I take my Zeus the areas are very minimal and almost nonexistent.  When I ran out it came back with a vengeance and was miserable to live with.  Now my husband is taking Zeus and getting good results he is 69 years old and has some arthritis and a torn rotator cuff.  He also is getting Chiropractor care to go with the Zeus.  Thank you so much for bringing this back!! – Cheryl M.

ATLAS: Unparalleled Transformation for Dogs’ Mobility, Vitality, and Youthfulness!

The products I was using before ATLAS seemed to work somewhat for inflammation but ATLAS’s effect was remarkable. Both dogs showed dramatic improvement in mobility, general health, energy and overall well being. The effect was almost as if the aging process had been arrested and the clock reversed. They looked and behaved 3-4 years younger than before. An additional effect was that none of the other products (Dasuquin Chews or GlycanAid HA) did anything for building and maintaining muscle, whereas both dogs showed impressive improvement in muscle tone, quality of skin and coat with ATLAS. – Judy K.

The Affordable and Effective Solution for Active Dogs and Senior Mobility

I started researching alternatives for my boy and Atlas had a better ingredient list for a lower overall price, in essence, checking ALL the boxes! In addition to this dog, my senior dog that had both CCLs torn during his working career, needed a bit of help to be comfortable and I started him on the Atlas as well. Neither dog was without it again! My boy Blaidd, is 6.5 and still shows no signs of hip issues, has IGP and Dock Diving and trick dog titles. My senior passed just before his 12 th birthday, but until life ending health issues appeared, he was very mobile and comfortable, and I attributed it to the Atlas.

I found that taking Zeus for myself, it can make a big difference in the level of general aches and pains. What I’ve commented on about it…is while I didn’t truly notice anything I could put my finger on while taking it, I certainly noticed when I didn’t take it!! – Shelly Z.

ATLAS: A Game-Changer for Our Dog’s Quality of Life, Even in His Final Years

It took several weeks on ATLAS to really see a difference but once it did, it was night and day. He started by wanting to play a lot more with our other dog (Frenchie). Even though he preferred to play from his bed it was a difference. He quit favoring either foot, began to walk completely normal again, could run after things and his general mood improved a lot. I never considered surgery because of the recovery but I’m convinced ATLAS made it a non-issue. The ultimate proof was when we ran out of ATLAS. He quickly reverted to his old symptoms and once I had him on it again for about 2 weeks, he once again improved. On a sad not, cancer finally got him just a week ago, but ATLAS improved several years of his life that would have been much more uncomfortable. – Marc M.

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